You’re searching for the best storage facility in Victoria BC. Well, we want to brag a bit here as we think we are the best.

Below are a few reasons that will make your decision easy to go with U-Pak Mobile Storage when looking for a storage facility in Victoria BC.

#1 – We Prorate

We prorate our storage after just one month minimum.  Refunds for unused days or prepayments are made within 10-14 business days. Cash, email money transfers or online banking payments are refunded by cheque, all other refunds will be made by the same method as originally received. We don’t believe you should have to pay for days you’re not using.

#2 – Our Rates

Read our blog post on how much our storage costs are to find out why we have the lowest storage rates in Victoria BC.

#3 – We’re Mobile

As well, unlike other storage facilities in Victoria & Vancouver,we are mobile storage. This means we bring the storage unit right to your door! No more having to drive to rent or find a truck to load up. No more having to drive to a storage facility. Nope, simply load up your unit and take as much time as you want. Then give us a call and we’ll pick it up.

#4 – Our Facility Is Heated

Then once you’re done with it, we bring it back to our heated indoor warehouse. Once in our heated indoor facility, you have free unlimited accesses to your locker. You just have to give us one business days notice before the 1pm cutoff. Or you can sign a release waiver and leave it outside under our access tent for as long as you wish.

#5 – We Use Wood Storage Units

Our locker units are made of cedar and come equipped with a heavy duty vinyl tarp making them completely weather proof. Other option is, storage boxes made of metal, which are air tight containers. This could be an issue, if there is trapped moisture in the locker when stored.

Read more reasons why wood units are better than steel units.

#6 – Cancellation Policy

And for our cancellation policy– If you find that you need to cancel an order just call the office and we can get that sorted for you. If you provide at least 24 hours notice your charges are fully refunded.

U-Pak storage offers either short term storage, or long term. For long term storage, we do offer discounts if prepayments are made. We offer a 5% discount for 3 months prepayment, and 10% off with 6 months.  Storage can be kept either in our warehouse, or on our own property.

We always have lockers available. Give us a call today to book your very own!