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Storage Facility Saanich BC

Does it ever feel like you could open a museum because you have so many collectibles?  Or have you inherited your great aunt’s valuable china and you just don’t have any place to safely store it away from the rambunctious cats and the twin toddlers?  Not to mention the gigantic breakfront that she kept her china in that won’t even get up the stairs to your apartment, let alone fit inside the tiny place called a living room.  Perhaps you have decided it’s time to remodel your house by installing new flooring and you have to clear out some of the furniture.  You know that the neighbors will not like the idea of your sofa sitting on the front lawn.

You have a few options on how to solve these problems.  One of them is to look into using a storage facility.

Do you live in the municipality of Saanich and require a storage facility to house your items for a few weeks or even a few years? U-Pak Mobile Storage serves the people who live in the Saanich area. We do so with our convenient mobile storage service.

Our main storage facility is actually located in Esquimalt on Viewfield Road. It may not be physically located in Saanich but never fear, with our mobile storage service, we will drop your temporary storage unit off at your home. Then all you have to do is load up your unit with whatever you want or need to at your convenience and at whatever time works best for you. When you are finished, you then call us and we’ll pick up the unit and drive it directly to our facility where it will be stored in our heated warehouse.

Wait.  Did we say heated warehouse?  Indeed we did!  Your belongings will be kept warm and dry, safe from those damp and cold British Columbia winters.

Our transporting your storage container means you don’t have to drive to our facility unless you need to get into your unit to retrieve something. Our heated storage facility is one of the many reasons we truly believe that we are the best storage facility in Victoria BC. When you are ready to have your items brought back, simply call to schedule the delivery and we’ll take care of the rest.

We also have the lowest rates in town so we’re a great value in addition to being convenient.

Click here to get more information on how our mobile storage service works and the specials we have going on right now. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section to see if they have been answered already.  If you would like to order a locker, click here or simply contact us below.

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U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria

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