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Oak Bay BC Storage Facility

The world is full of things.  Lots of things happen to us – weddings, birthdays, special surprises.  There are also lots of things we own – things given to us, things we bought at special places at special times, things we inherit from loved ones.  Sometimes, those things end up being just too many things, but those things are things we don’t want to get rid of. We need to put them somewhere safe, somewhere they can be kept warm and dry and away from rain, humidity, and cold that can damage them.

This all makes for a perfect reason why a storage unit is a great idea for you.  Storage facilities like U-Pak Mobile Storage are safe, warm, clean, dry places for your things.

Do you live in the District of Oak Bay in British Columbia and are you in need of a storage facility to store your items? U-Pak Mobile Storage proudly serves residents who live in Oak Bay through our mobile storage units and our housing facility.

So just exactly how does our mobile storage system work? It’s actually pretty easy to take advantage of the convenience and security of our services.  Once you call and place an order for a storage unit, we deliver that unit to your home. It can stay there as long as you need it to in order to get everything you want loaded into it. Once you are done loading, simply give us a call to come pick up your unit.  We will then drive back with your storage unit directly to our heated storage facility located in Esquimalt, BC on Viewfield Road.

We’re not only convenient by delivering your storage unit to you and picking it back up, but we’re also a time saver.  You don’t have to try to find time to drive down to our facility – unless you need to.  We don’t mind if you do.  Plus since the storage unit stays with you until you are done loading, you have the ability to load whenever it works out best for you.  Not everyone keeps the same schedule as everyone else, and we get that.

Then there is the fact your things are kept in our heated storage facility.  We believe that factor alone sets us head and shoulders above the other storage facilities in all of Victoria BC, but when you also consider we have the lowest rates in town, you’ll see why you don’t need to go anywhere else.

If you’d like more information on how our mobile storage service works and what specials we have available right now, just click the links.  We also have a handy  FAQ section in case you need to know more.  When you are ready to order a storage unit, just click here or contact us below.

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U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria

878 Viewfield Road
Victoria, BC,V9A 4V1

Phone: 250-381-8725

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