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Storage Facility View Royal

Have you decided to downsize your home after the kids left, but your new home just doesn’t have enough room for everything? It might be time to check into getting a storage unit.

Are you in the middle of remodelling your house and you need to put your belongings somewhere away from the contractors?  They’re all good contractors, but you just want to be sure that everything stays safe and doesn’t risk being broken.  Or at the very least you don’t want your things to be in the way of the workers. It’s time for a storage unit.

Maybe your small business needs someplace to store some furniture and files for a while.  At U-Pak, we offer a heated storage facility so your files will be safe and free of any chance for environmental damage.  Even though we’re off site, we’re easy to get to so you can access your files easily.

Do you live in the town of View Royal, British Columbia and need a storage facility to store your items? U-Pak Mobile Storage serves residents who live in View Royal thanks to our mobile storage units.

How does our mobile storage work? We deliver your storage unit to your View Royal home or business. Then you get to fill it with whatever items you wish, and take as much time as you need to in order to get everything in the box. Once you are all done and ready for everything to be stored, just give us a call and we’ll come pick up your unit.  We then drive back directly to our heated storage facility located in Esquimalt on Viewfield Road.

No matter what matters to you, it will be kept safe and warm in our storage centre.  Our heated storage facility is one of the reasons we believe that we are the best storage facility in the Victoria, BC area.  The facility is also much more pleasant to be in should you need to access your items in the dead of winter.

Our center is conveniently located in Esquimalt, just a short drive from anywhere in View Royal.  Our pick up and delivery service means you don’t have to drive to our facility unless you need to grab something from your unit.

We also have the lowest rates in town, so you can see why U-Pak is a great value.  Service, convenience, and pricing – that’s a tough combination to beat!

Click this link to learn more information on how our mobile storage service operates and this one to learn about the deals we have going right now.

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U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria

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