Ever wonder what makes us different from the other storage Victoria BC companies out there? Or wood vs metal storage containers?

Let us explain.

With U-Pak Mobile Storage not only does your own storage locker come straight to your door, making your move as leisurely as you need it to be, but there is many things that set us apart from our competitors.

For instance, we have no time limit for how long you want to take to load up your locker. We can pick up the same day, next day, next week or even next year– it’s totally your call. You are in full control of your whole move. Remember, no one packs or knows your stuff better then you do, so why not take your time and load it whichever way you want.


Wood vs Metal Storage Containers

Another thing you may have noticed is that our locker units are made of cedar and come equipped with a heavy duty vinyl tarp making them completely weather proof. Other mobile storage companies (that have requested to remain unnamed) provide containers that are made of metal, which are air tight containers. This means if any moisture gets into the container, it can cause mould and can start to decay furniture.

With our wood containers, this allows your belongings to breathe especially if any moisture gets in while loading up your locker. Metal containers are not typically designed for long term storage, but are usually intended for transport of goods.


Also, we always store our lockers in our indoor, heated warehouse. Unlike our competitors, who store them outside, which can cause the temperature inside the locker to fluctuate many times throughout its time in storage.

Temperatures rise quickly in a metal container more so than in a locked car on a hot day. This is repeated day after day, for your entire storage term.

And really, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with your belongings inside a secured warehouse instead of sitting on site outside?